500. [Devotion]

Collection of 53 devotional prints mostly on vellum.

18th-19th c

Various sizes, mainly 12 x 8,5 cm, on vellum except 10 on laid paper and 1 on mica, mounted by top edge on cardboard sheets (occ. foxing, some pictures loose).

Loose sheets in recycled register cover. Nice condition.

Engraved pictures enhanced with colours, mostly with stencils, except 15 in black, some with coloured cut-outs, sequins and/or embroidery, 1 on orange-tinted mica with 4 silver medallions with figures of prophets. Signed by Jo. Van Sande, J.C. Craen, Isabella Hertsens, Michiel Cabbaey, Th. Van Merlen, Cor. de Boudt, F. Huberti, Jacobus De Man, Jos. Ant. Schmidt, Jos. Erasm. Belling, S. Verbruggen, M. Volders, etc. Among the subjects depicted: suite of 5 images of the Virgin and St. Joseph holding the Child Jesus on a globe with 3 cherub heads, the Nativity, Jesus as a child, St. John the Baptist, Speculum amoris, Mater dolorosa, St. Trinity, St. Florian, patron and protector of Poland, St. Simon Stock, St. Ursula, St. Martin, St. Barbara, St. Philip, Blessed Anne of St. Bartholomew, St. Nicholas, etc. One picture with a prayer in Dutch.

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