486. [Postcards - North America - Horta]

North American postcards with annotations and drawings by Horta's hand.

Various sizes and conditions.

3 binders and 2 books.

Exceptional collection of postcards accumulated during WWI by Victor Horta, when he travelled to the United States. During his stay abroad he lectured about the German war atrocities against cultural heritage (monuments, buildings and cities), in order to persuade American citizens in favor of the allied forces and raise funds for the rebuilding of "poor artistic little Belgium".
1. Binder with 316 postcards (many in colour) about American architecture, interiors and views. 5 with annot. (2 by Antoine Courtens). - 2. Binder with 180 col. and b/w postcards with similar topics (some of Europe). 7 with annot. (one with groundplan drawn by Horta of a local building). - 3. Binder with 200 col. and b/w postcards about American forests (sequoias and redwoods), rural scenes, native peoples and a section of Swedish postcards (many of Mora). 32 with annot. (around 13 ms. by Horta: including drawings of trees, an analysis of a street in Sacramento, and short sentences i.a.: "Passé ici le 18 mars 1918 [...]", some by Julia Horta: intimate postcard to Victor).
Joined: 1. Horta [Carlsson], Julia - Pour la Belgique: Souvenirs vécus 1914-1918. Brussels, La renaissance du livre, 1957. Limited ed. of 500 copies: n° 310. - 2. Oostens-Wittamer, Yolande - Horta en Amerique. Brussels, L. Hossmann, 1986.

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