1068. [Atlas - Italy]


Nieuw vermeerderd en verbeterd groot stedeboek van geheel Italië. [And: van Piemont en van Savoye].

The Hague, R. Chr. Alberts, 1724 (1725)

Italy: Large folio, 4 parts in 2 vol.: [8]-66 pp.; 79 pl., [4]-44-[4]-12 pp.; 75 pl., [4]-71-[3]-11-[1] pp.; 40 pl., [8]-44-[4]-16 pp.; 87 pl. Piedmont and Savoy: Large folio, 4 parts in 2 vol.: [2]-111-[40] pp.; 22 pl., [104] pp.; 44 pl., [92] pp.; 22 pl., [130] pp.; 48 pl. (Part 1/Lombardia: "Naam-Lyst" missing here but bound in part 4, some maps bound at random order: pl. xl before xxxvii, xlv before xlix; Part 2/Ecclesiastical State: map 1 and 2 mounted together, missing text lvs: "Tafel der plaaten", "Table des églises", pl. II Rome: folding split; Part 3/Naples and Sicily: pl. 9 Vesuvius centerfold split; Part 4/Rome: minor foxing, sm. hole on pl. xli "Insula instar navis", pl. xlii "Obeliscus Flaminius": folding split; Part 1/Piedmont: pl. l5 "Lagrotte" in 3rd part, marg. stain; Part 3/Savoy: "Lagrotte" l5, i.e. "Carolus Emanuel II" added, occ. marg. dampstains and light foxing).

Contemp. half mottled calf, paper covers (tr. of use and repairs, some hinges weak, sl. rubbed).

Fine ensemble of R. Chr. Alberts's magnificent new town atlas of Italy published in 4 parts in 1724 completed with his atlas of the States of the duke of Savoy, also in 4 parts and published one year later.
The Italian townbook is Alberts's re-issue of Mortier's Dutch edition (1704/1705) of Joan Blaeu's "Theatrum Italiae". It is devoted to Lombardy, the Ecclesiastical State, Naples & Sicily and Ancient & Modern Rome and has 4 engr. titles and 281 engr. pl., some on a single page but most on double pages, and a number of very large folding plates with spectacular bird's-eye views of Naples, Venice and Frescati, views of Milan cathedral and of the royal palace of Naples, views of Roman squares and palaces, plates figuring the transport and erection of the obelisk at the Vatican, etc. Only 2 tables in part 2 are missing.
Piedmont and Savoy: R. Chr. Alberts complemented his new town atlas of Italy with the atlas of the states of the duke of Savoy, in casu the Northern Italian states of Piedmont and Savoy. This Dutch edition entitled: "Nieuw vermeerderd en verbeterd groot stedeboek van Piemont en van Savoye, of naauwkeurige beschryving van derzelver steden, paleizen, kerken en voornaamste gebouwen [...]." (The Hague: R. Chr. Alberts, 1725.) has excellent dark impressions of the plates. With 4 engr. titles, coat of arms by J. Luyken, a genealogical table, 4 portraits (Charles-Emmanuel II, Victor-Amédée II, Marie-Jeanne of Savoy-Nemours and Eugène of Savoy), and 136 maps and plates, incl. large bird's-eye views of Turin, Thonon, Aosta, Biella, Mondovi and Andorno.The plate with the monument and inscription at the road of La Grotte is used as a kind of dedication of the 2nd vol. (Savoy). For a total of 417 engr. pl.
van der Krogt IV-1, 43:231-3 and 43:331.

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