779. [India]

24 Indian miniatures in Mughal, provincial Indian or Persian (Safavid) styles produced for a foreign market.

2nd half 20th c

Painted on folia of manuscripts and lithographs of unrelated texts in prose and poetry, in Arabic, Urdu and Persian, a single one is painted on a, also unrelated, text in Devanagari script.

1-3. Depicting either women conversing among themselves or with a prince and accompanied by female attendants. - 4. A larger gathering of men and women together. - 5. Four men drinking wine. All these 5 scenes take place in lush gardens often quite evocatively and tenderly rendered. - 6-24. Nineteen miniatures, in a number of hands, most of them depicting convivial scenes in which we see a single princely figure with one or several women, or of some men together; in a garden setting, one with burning campfires in the background, but sometimes in a pleasant interior. Wine, wineflasks, cushions set the atmosphere. In one of the miniatures two extra figures of a mounted elephant and horse in separate cartouches are painted above the scene. In one scene, oddly, a tiger is resting in front of a woman gazing at the sky through a colourful long telescope. Three somewhat larger miniatures seem to be by one hand. The first, an outdoor scene, shows a subaltern figure kneeling before a ruler while numerous courtiers, many on horseback, are observing the event. In the second one, a man, sitting before a dais, in ecstasy is tearing his clothes, two friends are in attendence, the man on the dais, however, and a number of others, are only looking on, unmoved. The third miniature shows a quiet rural scene at a nomads' camping site, in it some people are conversing with their animals grazing nearby. The miniature on the Devanagari script is finely executed and shows a bearded ascetic, naked except for a loincloth and some strings of beads, sitting in a garden before a small pavilion with a cupola, with next to him a conch shell and a wicker basket.

€ 500 / 600

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