Autograph letter signed "J. Lipsius" to his nephew Jan de Greve.

Leuven, 22 April 1598

1 f. (35,5 x 21,5 cm), on paper, in Dutch (some foxing, sl. browning, sl. torn in center fold). With a 19th-c. transcription of this letter.

Unpublished letter on personal matters by Lipsius (thanking his nephew for sending lemons, mentioning an annuity in Eeckhout, etc.). Jan de Greve, his nephew by marriage, occupied himself with Lipsius' estate from 1592 on, after marrying his niece, Francisca Back. The letter ends with a note instructing Jan de Greve to take a package to the postmaster for delivery to Italy. Did this package contain the copy of the "Admiranda" Lipsius sent in April 1598 to Cardinal Francesco Sforza in Rome? The correspondence of Lipsius contains a limited number of letters written in Dutch; most of them are addressed to Jan de Greve.
Ref. De Landtsheer, J. - Lieveling van de Latijnse taal. Justus Lipsius te Leiden. Leiden, Universiteitsbibliotheek Leiden, 2006, p. 170. (2 pcs)

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