1200. [Mathematics]

FINE, Oronce

Protomathesis: opus uarium, ac scitu non minus utile quam iucundum, nunc primum in lucem foeliciter excusum.

Paris, G. Morrhy & J. Pierre, 1532 (pt. titles: 1530, 1531)

Folio: [8]-207 [= 209]-[1] ff. (incl. original blanks 48 & 100, and Errata f. at end; some minor soiling, spotting or staining, tear in f. 1 repaired; four leaves (AA2, 49, 149, 208) have an almost invisible removed mark (collector’s stamp?)).

Contemp. limp vellum, flat spine titled in ink (sl. wrinkled, ties gone). Excellent copy in its first binding.

First collected edition, containing the original publ. of many of Fine’s texts. The initial 2 parts of the Protomathesis deal with arithmetic and geometry, the 3rd with cosmography, and the 4th with gnomonics. Fine (1494-1555) was Regius professor of mathematics and dedicated the volume to François I. He published on a range of topics, and was interested in practical concerns as well as abstract debates, so while he is remembered for theoretical achievements, such as giving the value of pi correct to four significant figures, he also worked extensively with instruments and maps. Fine represented Renaissance mathematical culture, encompassing geometry, surveying, optics, cosmography, cartography, and astronomy. Part title of "De geometria" dated 1530, of "De solaribus horologiis" 1531. Title within architectural woodcut border (by Lassere after Finé’s design). Dedication f. AA2r printed within woodcut border (with monogram "O F"). Large woodcut of Urania & the author beneath a celestial sphere (facing f. 1r, without name), repeated in the "Cosmographia" section (f. 101v, with name "Orontius"); large woodcut of a water-clock, repeated; 280 other woodcuts in the text; and numerous large initials & headpieces. Woodcut mark at the end.
Ref. BP16 106949 = Moreau IV:417. - Axworthy, Le Mathématicien renaissant et son savoir. Le statut des mathématiques selon Oronce Fine (2016). - Smith (Rara arithmetica) 160-161. - Mortimer (French) 225. - Adams F-477. - Houzeau/Lancaster 2380.

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