94. [Copperplate]

GALLE, Theodoor, After Jan van der Straet (aka Johannes Stradanus)

Amores Naturales.

[Antwerp], Philips Galle, [1581-1612]

Copperplate, 24 x 18 cm, sign. "Ioan. Stradanus delineabat / Phls Galle excud. / Theodor. Galle sculp." (some superficial scratches, three very marginal dents).

Very nice plate engraved to illustrate Pliny the Elder's "Natural History", book 36, chapter 4 (not 5 as the inscription claims). It represents an allegory of natural love, inspired by an antic sculpture of Arcesilaus (1st c. BC) made for the Roman writer Varro, showing six putti muzzling a lioness, and Cupid with his bow flying towards his target. Wording below image: "AMORES NATURALES / Ex Plinio Lib. 36. Cap. 5. / Varroni docto celebratum [...] Arcesilae, venit. / Ludebat / Corn[elis] Kil[iaan] Duffl[aei]".
Ref. British Museum 1957,0413.257 (issue reproduced online). - Rijksmuseum RP-P-1963-248. - New Hollstein, Dutch & Flemish (Johannes Stradanus) 284.I.

€ 3.500 / 5.000

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