527. [Europe]

Europa recens descripta à Guilielmo Blaeuw.

[Amsterdam, W.J. Blaeu], ca. 1630

Engr., 41,3 x 55,7 cm, delicately hand-coloured. Fine copy.


Blaeu’s map of Europe is a fine example of the decorative carte-à-figures style with town views of Amsterdam, Prague, Constantinople, Venice, Rome, Paris, London, Toledo and Lisbon in the upper border and costumes of noblemen and women from various European nations down the sides. 3rd state (1st st.: 1617) made after 1621 when Willem Jansz. assumed his grandfather's sobriquet "blauwe Willem" as the family name, hence changing the mapmaker's name in the cartouche of the copperplate to G. Blaeu. First featured in the 1630 Atlas Appendix. Variant "a" with the hypothetical island Frisland.
Ref. Van der Krogt II[1000:2].

€ 1.200 / 2.000

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