1139. [Belgium - Bruges]

30 documents relating to the family Adornes.

14th - 18th c

Various sizes, mainly on vellum, a few on paper, in Latin and Dutch, a few in French, with pendant seals (a few documents with tears, some seals missing or in fragment).

The Adornes family, from Genoa, came to Bruges in the late 13th century. Members of the family played an important role in the public administration within the city of Bruges and at the court of the Burgundian Dukes. Some of them were involved in international trade. They were part of the local patriciate, married within the bourgeoisie or the patriarchy and belonged to the Flemish nobility from the 16th century onwards.
1. Gift of a house to Heinric Braderic from Maarten Adornes. Bruges. 9 March 1350 (= 1351). 1 f. Maarten Adornes (d. 1361) was member of the third generation of the family Adornes. Braderic belonged to a Bruges bourgeois family enjoying a high social and political status.-- 2. Deed of Anselm Adornes relating to a loan. 2 Jan. 1458. 1 f. Anselm (1424-1483) was a merchant, patron, politician, and diplomat,and is one of the illustrious members of his family.-- 3. Deed relating to annuities belonging to Anselm Adornes and his wife Margareta vander Banck. 25 March 1462. 1 f.-- 4. Division of Margareta vander Banck's property. 28 Jan. 1473 (= 1474). 1 f. Anselm married Margareta vander Banck on 12 Nov. 1443, daughter of Olivier vander Banck, patrician of Bruges. With the first words elegantly calligraphed and the first initial decorated with a grotesque.-- 5. Masters degree in law of Jan Adornes. Rome, 11 May 1476. 1 f. Jan (1444-1511), son of Anselm, studied in France and Italy. He was made canon of the Collegiate Church of St. Peter of Lille in 1479. In an elegant cursiva script with humanistic features.-- 6. The prior of the charterhouse of Genadedal at Bruges writing to Jan Adornes and mentioning the memory of Peter II Adornes. 5 Dec. 1485. 1 f. Pieter II Adornes (ca. 1395-1464) was buried there.-- 7. Bequest from the Adornes family to the Carthusians of Genadedal at Bruges, 21 October 1489. 1 f. The family was very close to these Carthusians.-- 8. Deed of Arnoud Adornes relating to a donation to the parish church of St. Walburga in Bruges. Bruges, 27 July 1512. 1 f. Arnoud (1451-1517), son of Anselm Adornes, married to Agnes van Nieuwenhove, and once widowed became a priest and lived in Sint-Anna-ter-Woestijne.-- 9. Deed of Jan Adornes relating to a foundation in favour of the chapel of Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Viven. Bruges, 9 Nov. 1518. 1 f. Jan (1494-1537), born de la Coste, received permission from his grandfather Arnoud to change his name from de la Coste to Adornes.-- 10. Jan van Metteneye (d. 1532), counsellor to Charles V, designated Jan Adornes, Josse de Lens, Diego Perez and Jan van Roode as procurators of his lands of Maarke and Poelvoorde he just inherited from his brother. Valladolid, 16 Feb. 1523. 1 f. Jan married Catherine van Metteneye (d. 1547).-- 11. Deed between Andries de la Coste, canon of the Collegiate Church of Our Lady of Antwerp, Jan Adornes and his natural brother "Master Arnold" relating to a donation. Antwerp. 6 Oct. 1525. 1 f.-- 12. Deed between Andries de la Coste and Jan Adornes relating to a property in Oostkamp (10 km south of Bruges). Bruges, 24 April 1528. 1 f.-- 13. Inventories of the estate of Jan Adornes and Catherine van Metteneye. Bruges, 9 Jan. 1549. 8vo: 81 ff. Contemp. vellum (dampstained, upper cover with a corner missing and a few holes). Enriched with two loose leaves.-- 14. Deed regarding the inheritance of Jan van Metteneye, mentioning his mother and his aunt Marguerite and Catherine van Metteneye. Castle of Le Quesnoy. 26 July 1555. 1 f.-- 15. Deed of Jeroom Adornes addressed to Guillermus de la Corone, dean of Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Viven. 13 Feb. 1556. 1 f. Jeroom (1523-1558), son of Jan Adornes, was Lord of Nieuwenhove, Nieuwvliet, Maarke, Poelvoorde, Viven, etc.-- 16. Deed relating to the distribution of Jan Adornes' property between his children Jeroom, Jacob, Pieter and Jehanne Adornes. Bruges, 19 June 1556. 1 f.-- 17-20. Four documents relating to Anselm Opitius Adornes (1599-1615). Anselm Opitius (1569-1610), son of Jacob Andornes, lord of Ronsele, was Mayor of Bruges on several occasions.-- 21. Anna van Brakel acting as guardian of his son Joris-Lambert Adornes in a legal dispute. Mechelen, 25 Nov. 1614. 1 f. Joris-Lambert (1596-1635) is the second son of Anselm Opitius Adornes.-- 22. Authorisation to reside in Calais issued to Joris-Lambert Adornes. Calais, 10 Jan. 1621. 1 f.-- 23. A notarial deed relating to Joris-Lambert Adornes. Middelburg. 15 Apr. 1621. 1 f.-- 24-25. Two files entitled "Disposition de biens faites par Anne André Adornes religieuse au couvent de Berleymont" and "proces contra barlemont relativement à la pension d'Anne Andrea Adornes". 2 vol., mid-17th c. Anne, daughter of Joris-Lambert Adornes, was an Augustinian canoness of the Convent of Berlaymont (founded in 1625).-- 26. A deed relating to properties of Jacob Anselm Adornes in Ronsele. Zomergem, 27 Apr. 1638. 1 f. Jacob Anselm (1602-1688), son of Anselm Opitius Adornes, married Maria-Magdalena van Coornuyze.-- 27. Registration of the coat of arms of the Adornes family by Anselm Ignace Adornes. Kortrijk, 1 Sept. 1697. 1 f. Anselm (1641-1733), Lord of Poelvoorde, is the grandson of Anselm Opitius Adornes.-- 28. Anselm Ignace Adornes allows his spouse Clara van Eenderoo to be buried in her family vault in the St. Walburga Church in Bruges. 12 Jan. 1700.-- 29. A notarial deed relating to Anselm Ignace Adornes. Bruges, 26 Oct. 1733. 8vo: 32 ff. Contemp. vellum.-- 30. A copy of a letter by Antoine Adornes to his brother-in-law relating to his wife's estate. Bruges, 7 March 1744. 1 f. Antoine Adornes (1679-1752) married Marie Françoise de Draeck.
Gaillard, J. J. - Bruges et le Franc. Bruges, 1859, III:103/121. - Nat. Biogr. Woord. XII:1/25. - Geirnaert, N. - Het archief van de familie Adornes en de Jeruzalemstichting te Brugge. Brugge, 1989.
Joined: Five letters addressed to members of the Adornes family (17th c.). (34 pcs)

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