282. [Italian]

GUIDI, Rafaello. After Hendrick Goltzius

Frederik de Vries with Goltzius' dog.

Rome, Cesar Capranica, 1599/1723

Engraving, 35,2 x 26 cm, thick laid paper with watermark Fleur-de-lis (Heawood: 1598), signed in plate with HG monogram (trimmed to the borderline, sl. toned).

Under passe-partout.

The engraved portrait of Frederik de Vries, son of the painter Dirck de Vries. The story behind this vivid portrait is that Goltzius was guarding the young Frederick while his father was spending some time in Venice. Goltzius made this portrait and sent it to Dirck. The hunting dog is Goltzius' own dog. A beautiful testimony of friendship between learned artists. The calligraphic Latin text in the lower margin by Petrus Scriverius describes the simplicity of childhood and the loyalty of dogs.
Ref. Hollstein VII:218. - TIB III:190. - Strauss 344-copy B.

€ 280 / 350

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