1033. [World - Games]

["Voyages dans les cinq parties du monde ou Représentations des 32 nations avec VI cartes géographiques".


In a sm. box in marbled paper, coloured pictorial and titled leaf on top (soiled).

Early interesting geographical card game with which the players can travel the world. It offers the possibilty of three games based on the knowledge and memory of the players concerning the continents and their inhabitants. The more a player refers to the booklet, the better his chance of winning the game. Set composed of:
- 20 (of 32) hand-coloured plates, contained in paper slipcases with printed title labels (America: 5 of 8 pl.; Africa: 3 of 4; Asia: 6 of 10; Europe: 6 pl. (complete but slipcase missing); all the plates of Australia missing). With captions in German and French.
- Muller, J.W.; Klinger, J.G. - Description de différens peuples remarquables des cinq parties du monde. Avec des figures représentant leur costume national [...]. Seconde édition. Nuremberg, J.G. Klinger, 1807. 32mo: xvi-127 pp. Sewn. Booklet with descriptions of the countries, inhabitants (their characters and physical appearance) and costumes figuring on the cards (Swiss, Turks, Eskimos, Hottentots, inhabitants from the Sandwich Islands, Chukchi, etc.).
- 2 (of 5) continent maps with borders in colour (maps of Europe, Australia and America missing).
- "Table contenant les parties spéciales et les nations de chaque partie du monde". Nuremberg, J.G. Klinger, 1805. Fold. leaf with a pyramid playing board in colour.
- The world map card and instructions for the game are missing.

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