171. [German school]

"Il Callotto resuscitato. Oder Neü eingerichtes Zwerchen Cabinet."

Augsburg, Martin Engelbrecht, [1700-1710]

Complete set of 50 engr. (incl. title), 17,1 x 11,4 cm, strong laid paper.

Cont. calf, gilt orn. spine on 8 raised bands (sl. ribed, sm. def. at head). Very nice series.

Rare first edition of the print series, published by Martin Engelbrecht (1684-1756). It depicts humorous caricatures of dwarfs as representations of all layers of the early eighteenth-century society, such as the upstart, the stepmother, the knight, the soldier, the pseudo-wizard, the ugly old woman, the alchemist, the nobles (prince, marquis, count...), the pilgrim, the prospector, the one who thinks he is clever, the one who thinks she is beautiful, etc. Loosely based upon Jacques Callot's "Varie Figure Gobbi", these prints answered a growing demand for this kind of satirical imagery. The engravings are all accompanied with verses in gothic type, mostly in German, but also in French, Dutch or local German dialects, depending on the depicted subject. The set was later republished in France and the Netherlands where it received several reprints. Ref. Lipperheide X:2. - Faber du Faur 1842. - Muller 3695a. Bound with: 1. PROBST, Johann Balthasar, after Victor Janssens - "Sive feras telis, hostes seu sternere ferro, Invictus pugnis pugnus Achilles erat", Augsburg, 1721. Suite of 14 engravings (inc. title) depicting the life of Achilles. Ref. Nagler XII:81.22. - 2. HERZ, Johann Daniel - "Aetatis humanae Gradus; Die Stussen des Menschlichen Alters", Augsburg, 1733. Suite of 11 engravings (inc. title), depicting the ten ages of man with poems in Latin and German.- 3. RIDINGER, Johannes Elias - "Pr(ima-tertia) pars variae [...] Unterschiedliche Vorstellung einiger aus dem Alterthum zur Historie dienliche Figuren", Augsburg, 1728. Suite of 14 etchings (incl. title) with costumed figures from antiquity.- 4. WOLFF, Jeremias - Suite of 7 engravings with mythological or allegorical figures.- 5. WINKLER, Gottfried and STEIDLIN, I.M, after Domenichino - 6 engravings of deities in clouds, Augsburg, c. 1730, on folded folio. In total, 102 (!) rare prints. Prov. "Nicolai Francesci vander Cruyssen Anverpiensis, Anno 1733" (ownership entry on title).

€ 6.000 / 7.000

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