Processional or Collaborative Tôkaido. Gojôraku Tôkaidô [or] Tôkaidô meisho fukei.


106 (of 162) ôban (35,5 x 24,8 cm) tate-e (vertical) including the index (short title in pencil at the top of each sheet, some rare wood blocks lightly inked, some displaced, otherwise in good condition, with margins and vivid colours).

Leporello fold, original dark brown folding cover decorated with flowers (much used), entitled "Tôkaidô gojûsan eki Gasha Moro senseiki hitsu. Ônnishikie hyakumai tsuzuki" [Processional Tôkaido drawn by Prof. Moro, coloured prints in one set of 100 sheets].

The set, known under various titles ("Gassaku Tôkaidô", "Tôkaidô gojûsan tsugi zue"), shows the 1st journey -since 1634- of the Shogun Tokugawa Iemochi from Edo (Tokyo) to the Emperor Kômei in Kyoto. As it was forbidden to produce prints on political subjects, the main subject is the procession of the feudal lord with his retainers passing through the countryside or towns. Representations of the long procession marching on foot and close-ups were made by 16 artists, 24 publishers and numerous engravers who took part in this most significant publication of the Meiji era, showing the ukyo-e of the time when Japan was voluntarily isolated from the world. "Various interpretations on the total number of prints are alive, mainly due to the fact that three contemporary tables of content exist, all mentioning a different number" (# Marks, p. 5) and all created by Miyagi Gengyo. Our table of contents (type A, listing incompletely 155 prints) is accompanied with a sheet reproduced by Horst Graebner in a set related to Tôkaidô road (penultimate print; # http://www.kunisada.de/Kunisada-series60ths/series206/series206-part4.htm). The series was reprinted with some modifications. List of artists of this copy (according to Marks p. 20) : Hiroshige II (26 of 34), Kunisada I (12/18), Yoshimori (12/14), Kunitsuna (10/10), Kunisada II (8/10), Yoshitsuya (8/16), Kunichika (6/6), Yoshitora (6/9), Yoshitoshi (5/8), Kyôsai (4/28), Yoshimune (3/3), Tsuyanaga (2/2), Yoshikata (2/2), Sadahide (1/4) and Miyagi Gengyo (1). Ref. Marks : TCa, 1-8, 11, 13-18, 20-22, 25-30, 32, 34, 36-41, 43, 46-47, 49-52, 54-57, 59-63, 65-72, 74-82, 84-90, 92-93, 95-98, 100-102, 104-105, 107, 109-121, 125-128, 130, 133, 143, 148. Enriched with 121 sheets (together 227 woodblocks), generally with continuous themes, bound after the set or pasted to the back of the sheets of the set : - 2 scarce general maps of the Tôkaidô : (1). Hiroshige I, Ando.- "Tōkaidō gojūsantsugi ichiran" (Panorama of the Fifty-Three Stages of the Tōkaidō). Rare set, complete in 10 ôban tate-e, marking the 53 stages of the Tôkaidô road, edited by different publishers (Yamamotoya Heikichi, Iseya Kanekichi, Maruya Testujirô, etc.), dated 1833-1834, presented in a form of emaki.-- (2). YOSHITORA.- "Tôkaidô meisho zue" (Famous places of the Tôkaidô), complete in 12 ôban tate-e, edited by Daikin and dated Rat 11 (= 1864), - 26 triptychs by Hiroshige II (5), Yoshitora (5), Yoshimori (3), Toyokuni (3), Sadahide (2) and 1 by Yoshitsuya, Kunitsuna, Toshitora, Yoshikata, Yoshiiku, Kunichika, Kuniyaki and Yoshitoshi (editors : Tobei, Kinnosuke, Kôsuke, Tetsujirô, Eikichi, Kinzo, Kanekichi, Rinnosuke, Kôsuke, Shôhei, Tomigorô, Heikichi, Sanoki, Kajû...). Figuring the shôgun Yoritomos' procession (10 sheets : across the river Ôi, in Arai, on the road to Kyoto, in Kyoto, into the palace of Kyoto, leaving Kyoto...),- Shibaura, the port of Tokyo,- A steamboat ("Jôkisen zen zu" by Sadahide),- Japanese pushing away Mongolian invaders in a naval battle ("Môkosen taijino zu" by Toshitora),- Fantasy battle with demons, giant spiders and toads, by Yoshitora (title partly lacking),- Uesugi family meeting, by Yoshikata,- Battle against devil foxes ("Kokon akko taiji" by Yoshitora),- Snow-moon-flower (4 sheets of "Setsugekka", by Kuniyaki, Toyokuni, Yoshitora, Yoshiiku),- Poem of the four seasons : Spring, by Toyokuni,- Dawn on the district of the prostitutes, by Kunichika,- Genji 23 Hatsune, by Toyokuni,- 8 princesses, by Toyokuni,- Map, by Yoshitoshi, - 3 diptychs : (1). [Hokusai manga style]. Meeting party in a village. No editor.-- (2). Illustrated lyrics of a spring song. No editor.-- (3). Hiroshige II.- 10 satirical episodes of the Chûshingura, in small compartments on 2 sheets. Ed. : Iseya Kanekichi, - 17 sheets : (1). Yoshitoyo (1830-1866).- Shintosen rai no daizu (the elephant). Editor Tsujiokaya Bunsuke.-- (2-8). Hiroshige II & Toyokuni III.- Edo jiman sanjurokkyo (36 Edo Amusements) : 7 sheets dated 1864.-- (9-10). 2 sheets related to the horoscope : 1st by Kunichika (What's happening is the Hare year), ed. Echizenya Kajû; 2d : "Saitokushin. Keiou 3" (gods of the year 1867-1868), no sign., ed. Iseya Rihei; (11) YOSHITSUYA.- Tôkaidô Hodogaya 2 (Hodagaya along the Tôkaidô).-- (12-17). Various Hokusai manga style or/and illustrated lyrics or/and Hanami. Ref. (Gojôraku Tôkaidô) Andreas Marks.- "When the Shogun travels to Kyoto" in Andon. Leiden, 2007, n° 81, pp. 5-44.- (map 1) https://asia453.wordpress.com/tokugawa-maps/tokugawa2016/tokaido-gojusantsugi-ichiran-panorama-of-the-fifty-three-stages-of-the-tokaido/.- (map 2) https://open.library.ubc.ca/collections/tokugawa/items/1.0222842.

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