414. [Asia - China]

HELMAN, Isidore-Stanislas; ATTIRET, Jean-Denis (after)

L'empereur Kien-Long, reçoit à Gé-Bo, les hommages des Eleuths, et leur donne pour Roi Amow-Sana avec le rang de Tsing-Ouang.

Paris, I.-S. Helman, 1783

Engr., 26,8 x 42,9 cm, old hand-coloured (sl. toned, sm. defects).

Framed (not studied outside frame).

Rare pl. from the 'Batailles et Conquêtes de l'Empereur de Chine', a series of 16 pl. on the military campaigns of the Qianlong emperor (1711-1799). He had the 16 large-scale battle paintings (8 metres wide and 4 metres high), a co-production of Chinese court painters and 4 European Jesuits, produced on his orders, engraved in Paris under the direction of Ch.-N. Cochin. These series were distributed only in China, but Helman reproduced them in reduced size.
Ref. Cordier, H. - Les conquêtes de l'empereur de la Chine, Mémoires concernant l'Asie orientale I (Paris, 1913), pp. 1-18.

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