794. [Devotion]

Collection of ca. 222 coloured devotional prints of which ca. 40 on parchment.

18th-19th c

Engravings (some lithographed), hand-coloured, various sizes, on paper or parchment, some printed recto verso, some annotated on verso, often signed.

Kept in plastic folders in a ring-binder.

Themes: the life of Christ, the adoration of the Sacred Heart, and a lot of prayers and saints such as: St Bonifacius, St Clara, St Gregorius, St Fiacre, St Joannes de Matta, St Theresia, St Coleta, St Nikolae de Tollentino, St Catharina, St Jean, St Catherine, St Philomène, St Constantia, St Casimirus, St Augustinus, St Magdalena, St Ursula, St Franciscus, St Thadeus, St Agnes, St Joachim, St Laurentius, St Emerentiana, St Alexandrine, St Petrus, St Paulus, St Elisabeth, St Rosalia, St Andreas, St Mattheus, St Casimirus, St Anthonius de Padua, etc. Signed by: G. Huberti, Io. van Sande, M.A. Goetiers, P. Clouwet, G. Bunel, de Boudt, F. Bouttats, Heydericx, I. Hertsens, P. De Loove, Ch. Neel, Galle, Frehling, S. Verbruggen, etc.

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